I'm not afraid of ghosts I'm not afraid of sharks I'm not afraid of cancer I'm just afraid of snakes! they really creep me out where are their arms and legs? it's not okay
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レミオロメン アイランド

remioromen - island

i got this cd when i was in japan like a million years ago… i think this is one of the best music videos ever for its simplicity, it is really soothing and terrifying at the same time

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disclosure - when a fire starts to burn

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The Diggs - Everyone’s Starting Over

I post this song on every New Year’s Day. The band broke up long ago, but the tune lives on as an anthem for new beginnings.

this is actually the cassette’s won’t listen remix of everyone’s starting over

original on youtube here

this just catapulted me into nostalgia land on this new years day. wow

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attack the block ost - moses vs the monsters

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Danger - “11h30 (datA remix)” 

this is one of my favorite EPs ever

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ital - privacy settings

i don’t even like music and i’m really into the new ital record “hive mind,” if you are a goth check this album out, esp this song, it samples wolves howling

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls

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howard shore - eastern promises theme

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